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A Musical Tribute To Wayne Shorter, Plus Brazilian Fusion And Latin Sounds

A musical tribute to the late Wayne Shorter, bassist Francisco Fattoruso from Argentina, some Brazilian fusion, the new one from Nguyen Le and Latin sounds from Meddy Gerville.Playlist Weather Report “Elegant People” from Black Market (CBS) 00:00 Weather Report “Mysterious Traveller” from Mysterious Traveller (CBS) 06:20 Wayne Shorter “On The Milky Way Express” from High Life (Verve Forecast) 12:35 Francisco Fattoruso “Matrix” from Random Archives (Self Produced) 18:56 Atte Aho “Labyrinth” from Atte Aho (Eclipse Music) 25:22 Carlos “Pajaro” Arevelo “Caminantes” from El Circle del Pajaro (PAI Edicions) 31:43 Pepe Cisneros “Mosh” from Reunion (CMA/Digital) 38:11 Nguyen Le “Onety-One” from Silk and Sand (ACT Music) 44:29 Meddy Gerville “Rock’ Oya” from Jazz Amwin (Self Produced) 51:00 … [ read more ]

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