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Billy Cobham, Markus Reuter, Mark Lettieri and Eivind Aarset

Spanish guitarist Chema Vilchez, Billy Cobham, Serbian band Bosque and German touch guitarist Markus Reuter. Jordan Rudess, Mark Lettieri and Hungarian band European Mantra then Norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset.Playlist Chema Vilchez “Lost In The Labyrinth” from The Dream of the Navigator (Enfasis) 00:00 Billy Cobham “Mirage” from Compass Point (Purple Pyramid)07:11 Bosque “Escape From Urumchi” from Escape From Urumchi (Metropolis) 14:31 Markus Reuter-Asaf Sirkis “Power Series” from Truce (Moonjune) 21:42 Jordan Rudess “Faceless Pastiche” from Prime Cuts (Magna Carta) 29:07 Mark Lettieri “Huh” from Things of That Nature (GroundUp) 36:18 European Mantra “Zakat” from Yancha (GR 1993) 43:29 Eivind Aarset “Didn’t See This One Coming” from Phantasmagoria or a Different Kind of Journey (Jazzland) 50:49 … [ read more ]

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