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Doug Collette’s Best Jazz Albums Of 2022

Just the tip of the proverbial iceberg… in alphabetical order… Joey Alexander Origin Mack Avenue Records Will BernardPond Life Dreck to Disk Matt Choboter‘s Hypnopompia Sleep Inertia Songlines Recordings Goldings / Bernstein / StewartPerpetual Pendulum Smoke Sessions Records Gordon Grdina Oddly Enough: The Music of Tim Berne Attaboygirl Records Mary Halvorson Amaryllis Nonesuch Records Mary Halvorson Belladonna Nonesuch Records Benjamin Koppel Mulberry Street Symphony Cowbell Music Redman / Mehldau / McBride / Blade Long Gone Nonesuch Records Fabian Willman Trio Balance CYH Records … [ read more ]

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