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Erik Escobar, Steve Hunt, Michael Manring, Alex Skolnick and much more

Tracks from Steve Hunt‘s Attraction and Sixun’s Nouvelle Vague plus, Attention Deficit with Michael Manring, the Alex Skolnick Trio, Third Rail with George Whitty and Dave Holland.Playlist Elektrik Market “Attraction” from Attraction (Spice Rack) 00:00 Sixun “Mo Moustic No Frog” from Nouvelle Vague (Birdology) 06:51 Attention Deficit “American Jingo” from The Idiot King (Magna Carta) 13:59 Michael Manring “Cruel and Unusual” from Thonk (High Street) 20:53 Alex Skolnick Trio “Scorch” from Transformation (Magnatude) 27:56 Cosmosquad “The Scene” from Cosmosquad (Marmaduke) 34:55 Third Rail “You Rang” from Ignition Live Across Europe (Aerohead) 41:55 Dave Holland “Grave Walker” from Another Land (Edition) 48:57 … [ read more ]

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