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Eugene Ball 4tet, plus favourites from Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Electric Market and Gerald Gradwohl

New music from Eugene Ball with From Down Here, favourites from Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Erik Escobar, and Alexander Machacek.Playlist Eugene Ball 4tet “Constance” from From Down Here (Namboku) 00:00 Gonzalo Rubalcaba”Bottoms Up” from Paseo (Blue Note) 06:36 Erik Escobar “Homage ti Maestro Gonzalo” from Erik Escobar (Self Produced) 13:15 Elektrik Market “A River Flows” from Attraction (Spice Rack) 19:47 Third World Electric “Downbeat Dakar” from Kilimanjaro Secret Brew (Reingold) 26:26 Jeff RichmanJimmy HaslipDanny Gottlieb “Kamaroon” from Trio Loco (Metalimbo) 33:03 Gerald Gradwohl “Jabo” from Episode 6 (Self Produced) 39:32 Alexander Machacek “There’s A New Sheriff in Town” from Improvision (Abstract Logix) 46:04 … [ read more ]

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