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Gard Nilssen’s Acoustic Unity: To Whom Who Buys A Record

In July 2019, Gard Nilssen will be Artist-in-Residence at the prestigious, future-facing Molde Jazz Festival. It will be a busy week for the Norwegian drummer, composer and sonic adventurer. As well as guest appearances, he will perform with several of his bands–SpaceMonkey, an electronica/dance music mash-up he co-founded five years ago; Bushman’s Revenge, which may be the missing link between Albert Ayler and Black Sabbath and which he co-founded in 2003; the more recently formed Amgala Temple, which draws comparisons with the out-there sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa and electric-era Miles Davis; and also the Supersonic Orchestra, a barely tamed beast, specially assembled by Nilssen for Molde, which features three drummers, three double-bass players and a ten-piece horn section… [ read more ]

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