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Jan Hammer, Mark lettieri and Graham Costello

Music from Jan Hammer and his album Seasons Part 1, guitarist Mark lettieri‘s Deep The Baritone Sessions Vol 2 and a new single from Graham Costello‘s upcoming release.Playlist Jan Hammer “April” from Seasons Part 1 (Country and Eastern) 00:00 Mark Lettieri “Magnetar” from Deep-The Baritone Sessions Vol 2 (Ground Up Music) 17:29 Dennis ChambersJeff Berlin “D Funk’d” from Boston T Party (Tone Centre) 29:09 Jeff Berlin “Joe Frazier Round 3” from Joe Frazier Round 3 (Jeff Berlin Music) 36:50 Mike Gotthard “9 Wheels” from 9 Wheels (MZK) 42:01 Paolo Vinaccia “Bugge 1” from Very Much Alive (Jazzland) 45:33 Dimas Predipta “1 Year After” from Extension (BeatLuz) 47:53 Graham Costello “Impetu” from Second Lives (Gearbox) 49:29 … [ read more ]

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