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John Patitucci, Tony Williams,and new releases

Old favourites from John Patitucci, Lonnie Plaxico and Tony Williams, new releases from The Resonance project, Erik Escobar and Lorenzo Feliciati from Eurachord.Playlist John Patitucci “Scophile” from Sketchbook (GRP) 00:00 Lonnie Plaxico “The Time” from Rhythm and Soul (Sirocco Music) 06:45 Tony Williams “China Town” from Wilderness (ARK 21l) 13:24 Uzeb “Slinky” from Live in Bracknell (Norac) 19:54 Claud Pauly “The Dipp” from Mind Meets Matter (Self Produced) 26:36 Neural Code “Cangaceiro Marroquino” from Neural Code (Tratore) 33:13 The Resonance Project “Prophecy” from Prophecy (Resonance Music) 39:52 Lorenzo Feliciati “Turn And Run” from Eurachord (Self Produced) 46:37 Erik Escobar “Maraca Funk” from New Brazilian Trio (Self Produced) 53:19 … [ read more ]

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