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John Zorn at 70 at Great American Music Hall

Zorn at 70 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA August 30-September 3, 2023 Day One, August 30, 2023 “Breaking Ground” with John Medeski and Dave LombardoLast night, the intergalactic Starship John Zorn descended from New York into San Francisco for a five-night residency at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall to celebrate Zorn’s 70th birthday.Zorn, a legendary avant-garde composer and saxophonist whose Promethean and prolific output of performances and recordings involves endless configurations that span every imaginable musical idiom–jazz and free jazz, classical, film music, minimalism, experimental, hardcore punk, surf music, heavy metal, Jewish musical traditions, including Klezmer–in short, “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once.”He first came to my attention when he led his original Masada group at a live performance in Seattle in 2000… [ read more ]

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