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More from Miles Davis Bootleg Sessions and Allan Holdsworth legacy

Featuring Miles Davis‘ That’s What Happened-Bootleg series Vol 7 along with Allan Holdsworth-Legacy, Lale Larson and Ominox, French Band The Volunteered Slaves and from Finland, guitarist Ossi Maristo with his latest, plus Paradox with Billy Cobham and The Outside Men from Band Overboard.Playlist Miles Davis “Santana” from That’s What Happened 1982-1985: The Bootleg Series Vol 7 (Columbia) 00:00 Allan Holdsworth’s legacy “Protocosmos” from The Nineteen Men Of Tane (Ubuntu) 07:54 Ominox “Android” from Contemporary Past (LNR) 15:50 The Volunteered Slaves “Futons j’dore” from Spaceship One (Day After) 23:41 Ossi Maristo “Shadow Figures” from Arc (Eclipse) 31:35 Paradox “Mozaik” from The First Second (Tip Toe) 39:42 The Outside Men “Bad Dog” from Band Overboard (Terra Nova) 47:46 … [ read more ]

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