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New music from Derupeto, Igor Willcox, Soft works and more

Music from Brazilian drummer Igor Willcox and his album # 1, Softworks Live in Osaka 2003, beautifully restored by Mark Wingfield, and from Sweden guitarist Tobias Grim and his band Derupeto with their new self titled album. Playlist Igor Willcox “Room 73” from # 1 (Self Produced) 00:00 Derupeto “Funk do misterio” from Derupeto (Noble Records) 08:05 Derupeto “Habari” from Derupeto (Noble Records) 16:15 Jack Pantazis “Hot tin Roof” from With The Little We Have (Self Produced) 24:18 Soft Works “Bakers Treat” from Abracadabra Live in Osaka (Moonjune) 32:14 Virgil Donati “The Empire” from In This Life (Self Produced) 40:22 Stick Men “Level 5” from Owari (Moonjune) 48:21 … [ read more ]

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