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New Music from Markus Reuter and Stephan Thelen, plus Andy Summers and Erik Escobar

New releases from Markus Reuter, Stephan Thelen and Andy Summers plus Brazilian keyboardist Erik Escobar and from Bolivia, guitarist Carlos Fischer.Playlist Markus Reuter-Tim Motzer-Kenny Growhowski “Bleed” from Bleed (Moonjunel) 00:00 Stephan Thelen “Glitch” from Fractal Guitar 3 (Moonjune) 08:27 Andy Summers “Bring On the Night” from Bring On the Night (Very serious Comedy) 17:06 Mika Krstic-Hadrien Feraud “Hong Kong” from Hong Kong (Crowd Surf) 25:33 Erik Escobar “Arcanjo Miguel” from New Brazilian Trio (Self Produced) 34:00 Michael Pipoquinha “UnAbraco No Oud” from Lua (Self Produced)42:40 Carlos Fischer “Busqueda Infinita” from Busqueda Infinita (Self Produced) 51:00 … [ read more ]

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