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Pat Metheny, Gerald Gradwohl, Alex Sipiagin, Nicholas Llerandi and Lee Puckett

New releases from 2021 including Robin and The Hoods, Desertion Trio, Scary Goldings, Pat Metheny and Alex Sipiagin. Playlist Robin and The Hoods “Moonfall” from Moonfall (Self Produced) 00:00 Desertion Trio “Albion” from Numbers Maker (Cuneiform) 05:43 Accordo Dei Contrary “The Short Century” from U R (Cuneiform) 11:32 Gerald Gradwohl “Jabo” from Episode 6 (Self Produced) 17:15 Scary Goldings “Bruise Cruise” from Bruise Cruise (Pockets) 22:58 Pat Metheny “Lodger” from Side Eye (BMNG) 28:32 Etienne Mbappe “Samah Xarit” from time will Tell (sunset) 34:07 Nicholas Llerandi “Memphis” from stand By (Self Produced) 39:56 Alex Sipiagin “Magic Square” from Upstream (Positone) 45:44 Lee Puckett “September Sun” from Lost Horizon (self Produced) 51:19 … [ read more ]

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