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A great big heapin’ helping of a certain blind pianist’s work provides the anchor for this time’s outing, as we look at one disc from six of a new box set and then fan out to look at a little known second-hand disciple of the great man along with two other stylists further removed. Pop matters further reveals Mike’s ongoing obsession with all things Buckley.Playlist Discussion of Lennie Tristano‘s album Personal Recordings (Dot Time / Mosaic) 4:07 Discussion of Billy Lester‘s album From Scratch (Newvelle Records) 26:35 Discussion of Deanna Witkowski‘s album Force of Nature (DCG Jazz) 51:35 Discussion of Roberto Occhipinti‘s album The Next Step (Modica Music) 1:04:13 Pop Matters 1:21:40 … [ read more ]

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