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Polished not Smooth

We all know “smooth jazz” is a forbidden genre among hard-core jazzbos, but sometimes you run across albums that have no interest in pandering to the listener, but also don’t display any rough edges or dirty elbows. Call it “polished,” “refined,” “plush,” or “mellow”–but don’t file it next to Kenny G–or Albert Ayler, for that matter.Playlist Discussion of Javier Nero‘s album Kemet: The Black Land (Outside in Music) 4:27 Discussion of Brad Turner‘s album The Magnificent (Cellar Music) 24:28 Discussion of Matt Ulery‘s album Mannerist (Woolgathering) 34:55 Discussion of Noah Haidu‘s album Standards (Sunnyside) 49:22 Pop Matters 1:02:28 … [ read more ]

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