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Samuel Blaser, Aka Moon, Michael Blake, La Marmite Infernale and Other New Releases

Around the world in a playlist, which features Latin and Caribbean influeces, touches of Indian music, spiritual jazz, Brazilian aromas, microtonal atmospheres, and visceral electro-acoustic outbursts. Happy listening! Playlist Ben Allison “Mondo Jazz Theme” 0:00 The Kevin Fingier Collective “Latin Dynamite” Latin Dynamite–Single (Acid Jazz) 0:16 Host talks 3:04 Samuel Blaser “Chronicles” Routes (Yellowbird/Enja) 4:46 João Selva “Passarinho” Passarinho–Single (Underdog) 9:16 Host talks 13:35 Michael Blake‘s Chroma Nova “Little Demons” Dance of the Mystic Bliss (PandM) 16:58 Clément Janinet “Purple Blues” Ornette Under the Repetitive Skies III (BMC) 23:32 Aka Moon and The Orchestral Constellation “Doors of Kingdom” Quality of Joy (Outhere) 37:05 Host talks 49:25 La Marmite Infernale “Viscères électriques” Humeurs et vacillements (Arfi) 50:28 … [ read more ]

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