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Stephan Thelen’s Fractal Sextet, Allan Holdsworth, T Lavitz and Aurora Clara

Stephan Thelen fromFractal Sextet, Allan Holdsworth from Proto Cosmos, Evegny Pobozhly, Aurora Clara and from Melbourne The JaimZ project.Playlist Fractal Sextet “Zeptoscope” from Fractal Sextet (Alchemy) 00:00 Allan Holdsworth “It Must be Jazz” from Proto Cosmos (Blue Canoe) 08:17 Evegny Pobozhly “Subliminal” from Elements For Peace (Butman Music) 16:26 T Lavitz “A Little Mouse Music” from School of the Arts (Magnatude) 24:46 Electric Arc “Enigmatic Time” from March of Time (Sympaty) 33:02 Aurora Clara “Seis Cafes” from Clear Dawn (Self Produced) 41:12 The JaimZ project “Atonozone” from To A Flame (Self Produced) 49:21 … [ read more ]

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