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Steps Ahead, Mike Mainieri, Steve Khan, Metro and Mitchell Forman

On today’s show, we feature Steps Ahead and music from their Magnetic release, plus Mike Mainieri, Mitchell Forman and John Scofield.Playlist Steps Ahead “Beirut” from Magnetic (Elektra) 00:00 Mike Mainieri “Flying Colours” fromWanderlust (NYC) 06:12 Steve Khan “Guy Lefleur” from Eyewitness (Antilles) 12:27 Metro “Bing Bam Boom” from Tree People (Lipstick) 18:42 Mitchell Forman “Lock It Up” from Hand Made (Lipstick) 24:48 Carl Filipiak “Blue Entrance” from Peripheral Vision (Geometric) 30:52 Dieter Ilg} “Somersault” from <em>Summer Hill</em> (Lipstick) 36:56</li> <li>John Scofield “Ideofunk” from <em>Uberjam</em> (Verve) 43:16</li> <li>{{m: Stanton Moore “(Who Ate) The Layer Cake” from Emphesis On The Parenthesis (Telarc) 49:33 … [ read more ]

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