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The 4th of July

The 4th of July Music and lyrics by Mike Holober Music Publisher: Connect the Dots Music BMI How do we get there from here? a child asks her eyes open wide no fear that distant shore where hope and love are law Sparklers in small hands parades and marching bands unfurl your hopes and let them fly Why reminisce lose yourself in this? here’s why It’s the 4th of July As worlds collide there are no sides Look to the past and know what we must ask, hangs like clouds in the sky How did we get here from there? the child asks her eyes not without a tear Once distant shore dreams die and are no more Lies wrapped in stripes and stars taking what isn’t ours blessings we once shared fade away Now we reminisce get lost in thoughts like this here’s why How we reminisce just lost in all of this and why? It’s the 4th of July It’s the 4th of July … [ read more ]

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