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The Bill Frisell Songbook: Part 2

Bill Frisell‘s instrumental voice is instantly recognizable, whether displaying its skronky side in John Zorn‘s Naked City or his sublime and delicate voicings infused of high-end Americana. Equally distinctive are his compositions which more and more of his peers have been incorporating into their repertoires, in a process of metabolization that goes back to the 1990s butand#151;as it always happens for musicians whose style is so distinctiveand#151;started to really take off later in Frisell’s career and is now reaching a healthy cruising speed.In this part of the show we’ll feature renditions of Frisell’s tunes by The Spellcasters; Rope; JP Schlegelmilch; Matt Brewer; Leni Stern; Arto Lindsay; David Sylvian; Danny Barnes; David Halliday; Unscientific Italians; Allen Ginsberg; Hal Willner; Gabriela; Angela Davis; Brooklyn Rider.Happy listening!PlaylistBen Allison “Mondo Jazz Theme (feat… [ read more ]

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