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We’ll Cross That Third Stream When We Come To It

Ambition can be a great thing in jazzand#151;emphasis on the “can.” We look at a mixed bag of releases experimenting with third stream music, Bach, and other elements. The results, like the music itself, are mixed. Still, our guess is that you haven’t heard about at least one of these artists yet, and maybe not all four.Playlist Discussion of Rolf Kuhn and Joachim Kuhn‘s album Impressions of New York (Impulse!) 2:55 Discussion of Jacques Loussier‘s album Plays Bach At the Theatre Champs Elysees (London) 19:35 Discussion of Sasha Berliner‘s album Onyx (JMI Records) 32:20 Discussion of Mike Holober‘s album Don’t Let Go (Sunnyside) 48:12 Pop Matters 1:06:05 … [ read more ]

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