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Willie Nile, Howlin’ Rain and Divine Horsemen: Hey Hey, My My…

Whether or not Neil Young was being ironic or sarcastic in 1979 when he intoned …’rock and roll can never die…’ the descriptive musical term may indeed be outdated after so many years of arbitrary categorizations, hyphenates and glib marketing labels like ‘Americana.’ Yet that eclectic mix of roots, often referred to as ‘mongrel music,’ still flourishes within the niche-heavy demographics of our time and for the very reason its three-word name is so apropos: whether the emphasis is on the country, blues or folk elements in a given band’s style, the fact is that, at the apogee of its artistry–near which reside the works of Willie Nile, Howlin’ Rain and Divine Horsemen–the sound radiates a colorful dynamism… [ read more ]

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