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Zack Lober, Orbit, Chris Potter and Family Band

This one’s kind of all over the place: pure free jazz from the German trio of saxophonist Frank Paul Schubert, guitarist Kazuhisa Uchihashi and drummer Klaus Kugel, hard nosed music from Chris Potter, English quartet, Family Band, trio music from France’s Orbit and the Aussie avant-garde trio The Necks‘ latest, a further voyage into ZZAJ: Jazz From The 23rd Century, and Canadian transplant bassist Zack Lober with his Dutch group.Playlist Amina Claudine Myers “The Blues (Straight To You)” from Salutes Bessie Smith (Leo Records) 00:00 Host speaks 06:59 Henry Kaiser “Five Death Haiku” from ZZAJ: Jazz From The 23rd Century (Discus) 09:12 Angelica Sanchez Trio “A Fungus Amungus” from Sparkle Beings (Sunnyside) 16:48 Spinifex “Deep Archer” from Spinifex Sings (Trytone) 24:18 Host speaks 35:50 Chris Potter “Nozani Na” from Keys To The Kingdom: Live At The Village Vanguard (Edition) 37:35 Sun Mi Hong Quintet “As We Are” from Third Page Resonance (Edition) 48:21 Host speaks 55:06 Orbit “A Comet At Bronx” from In -Visibility (Yolk) 56:36 Pharoah Sanders “Summon Bukmun Umyun” from Summon Bukmun Umyun (Impulse) 1:02:02 Host speaks 1:12:16 Family Band “Changing Reflection” from Family Band (Discus) 1:13:55 Jesse Morrow Trio “Lost Package” from Live At Bacchanal (BreakfastForDinner) 1:21:13 Anthony Coleman “Unfilled Hooks” from ZZAJ: Jazz From The 23rd Century (Discus) 1:29:40 Host speaks 1:32:40 Compaxident “Dead Ducks” from ZZAJ: Jazz From The 23rd Century (Discus) 1:34:14 Manuel Hermia “Serial Joker” from Freetet (Igloo) 1:42:01 Ahanes “Piper” from Petrichor (Clean Feed) 1:47:34 Host speaks 1:52:26 Zack Lober and No Fill3r “Force Majeure” from No Fill3r (Zennez) 1:54:38 Zack Lober and No Fill3r “Chop Wood” from No Fill3r (Zennez) 1:58:40 Orbit “Kinetic Motion” from In -Visibility (Yolk) 2:02:20 Host speaks 2:09:29 Frank Paul Schubert, Kazuhisa Uchihashi and Klaus Kugel “Black Holes Are Hard To Find” from Black Holes Are Hard To Find (NEMU) 2:10:34 Burton Greene, Damon Smith and Rakalam Bob Moses “Kid Play” from Life’s Intense Mystery (Astral Spirits) 2:24:41 Host speaks 2:29:47 Rebecca Nash “Iridium I” from Redefining Element 78 (Whirlwind) 2:30:36 Whit Dickey “Space Quadrants” from Astral Long Form: Staircase In Space (Tao Forms) 2:36:33 Per Zanussi “Uragano” from Li (And the Infinite Game) (Clean Feed) 2:43:15 Host speaks 2:48:06 The Necks “Forming” from Travel (Northern Spy) 2:50:07 … [ read more ]

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