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VIDEO / DVD: Astrud Gilberto: 30 Years of Videos

We began the week with my post on Astrud Gilberto‘s last three Verve albums. Let’s end with videos of the Brazilian singer in action from 1965 to 1983. As you will see, you really can’t have too much Astrud Gilberto: Here’s Gilberto in 1965 singing Agua de Beber… Here’s Gilberto in 1966 singing Bim Bom… Here’s Gilberto in Italy in 1967 singing or (lip-syncing) Samba de Verão in Italian… Here’s Gilberto in 1972 singing (or lip-syncing) Goodbye Sadness… Here’s Gilberto in 1972 singing the Love Story theme… Here’s Gilberto at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands in 1982 singing a touching rendition of Dindi… And here’s Gilberto in 1983 in Ireland, with guitarist Emily Remler, drummer Duduka Da Fonseca and others, singing The Girl From Ipanema… Bonus: Here’s 18 minutes of Gilberto in October 1965 on NCRV-TV in the Netherlands with Pim Jacobs (p), Ruud Brink (ts), Wim Overgaauw (g), Don Un-Romeo (d)… …

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