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VIDEO / DVD: Backgrounder: Frank Wess’s ‘Trombones and Flute’

Frank Wess was a powerhouse big-band tenor saxophonist and flutist and a lyrical player in small groups, especially those he led. One of my favorite ensemble albums by Wess is Trombones and Flute, which he recorded for Savoy in July 1956. The personnel featured a chunk of Count Basie’s band, for which Wess played at the time. The lineup included Jimmy Cleveland, Henry Coker, Benny Powell and Bill Hughes (tb), Frank Wess (fl), Ronnell Bright (p), Freddie Green (g), Eddie Jones (b) and Kenny Clarke (d), with arrangements by tenor saxophonist Frank Foster, Wess’s Basie band mate. Here’s the entire album without interruption by ads… …

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